Frequently Asked Questions

What is helps small businesses that offer online sales get found on the Internet.

Doesn't Google and Bing do this?

Yes, but Buyizon does not factor in size, popularity metrics or pay-per-click, giving small businesses parity in search results.

I want more items!

Describing a product is not the same as asking Google or Siri a question!

Adjectives may have many synonyms and your search will only find websites that use the same synonyms you are using.

Product queries should be 3 words or less to capture the best stores competing for your business.

• Instead of 'flea treatments, try just 'fleas'.

• Instead of 'larimar necklace', try just 'larimar'.

• Instead of 'honda accord seat covers', try 'honda seat covers'.

• Try product synonyms: search all 'weed wackers' and 'weed eaters' and 'weed trimmers'.

• Compound words with spaces can bring up more results: search both 'shopvac' and 'shop vac.'

BTW, these suggestions will give you better shopping results on any search engine!

Are my searches being recorded?

No. Your location, search, search history or ip address are not saved for user tracking or targeted advertising purposes. That would be creepy.

How do I do local searches?

Buyizon does not track or request your whereabouts from your device. Append the city to your search, e.g. 'bird feeders Chicago'.

Does clicking on a website link incur a cost to the website owner?

No, Buyizon does not use Pay-per-Click.

I see ads related to my search appearing in other websites I later visit after using Buyizon. Why?

You have visited a site in the Buyizon search results that sold your IP address and what you are shopping for to a third party. Buyizon itself does not participate in such programs.

Where does Buyizon find small businesses?

Some businesses are entered by users like you and others are discovered by us.
You can post any business here.

Are these small businesses safe to buy from?

Phone the business if this is your first purchase and the cost is high. Use PayPal or a credit card.

Why buy from a small business rather than Amazon?

Small businesses have customer support, product experts, a telephone and they answer it. Not so at Amazon.

Amazon always ships fast. How do I know I will get the same service?

If you want something in a hurry, call the business and ask if your item is in stock and to please ship it immediately.

I had a bad experience with a partiular business. What can I do?

Send an email to with the subject line 'bad experience. Include the website name and we will contact the business.

Why doesn't the Buyizon index all my website's pages automatically?

To prevent sites like and from dominating search results, Buyizon limits each website to 60 indexed pages.

I have more than one page on my website that matches a product search but only see one page from my website in the search results. Why?

To expose more businesses to more shoppers, each website is allowed one result page on any search. The page chosen has the best relevance to the search terms.

How do I find what pages Buyizon has indexed for a particular website?

In the search bar, enter just the domain name, e.g. ''.

How does Buyizon rank search results?

Apache Lucene is our search engine core. It is used unmodified however we boost the score of websites known to be active and current.

I changed my website. When will Buyizon see my updates?

Our database is refreshed about once a week. Indexed pages will be updated then.

My website was rejected by Buyizon after I posted my domain name. What can I do?

Please email with the subject line 'not posted'.

I don't want my store listed on Buyizon.

Add these lines to your robots.txt file:
User-agent: buyizon
Disallow: /
For faster service (we only read robots.txt files every few weeks), send an email to with subject line 'disallow buyizon' and your domain name(s) in the email body. We will check for the disallow directives and take immediate action.