About Buyizon

All businesses are small businesses in the shadow of Amazon. Imagine the future when Amazon is the only employer.

Buying direct from small business web stores provides jobs and pays local taxes. When you buy from Amazon there is little to our cities and towns other than distribution jobs.

People from all over the U.S. are buying from web stores in your community so return the favor and shop small anywhere!

Many images are copyrighted by store owners or product makers. We have created small facsimiles called "thumbnails" similar to Pinterest and Google Images. Use of thumbnails is upheld by the Ninth Circuit Court that search engines' reproduction of images for use as thumbnails is fair use under the Copyright Act.

If you are a store owner and would like us to remove your thumbnails and links, add these lines to your robots.txt file:
User-agent: buyizon
Disallow: /
For faster service (we only read robots.txt files every few weeks), send an email to with subject line 'disallow buyizon' and your domain name(s) in the email body. We will check for the disallow directives and take immediate action.